Bank of America Student Credit Card

If you have searched around and looking for some type of credit card that will suit your needs, you may have already realized that most of the student cards are really weak. You are most likely to find cards that offer very little in terms of being able to really help in the savings process for someone who is in college. That is until you have found our page here about the Bank of America Student Credit Card. The students that you usually find are offering really high APR's as well as very little rewards which seems to be a market standard when it comes to student cards. It could very well have something to do with the age group of students and how they are likely to fail at their first cards anyway. Here we are going to just breakdown the list of benefits that are offered with the Bank of America Student Credit Card. We want you to be able to see for yourself if this card is as special as they think it is. Keep in mind, Bank of America has a reputation for providing really boring card options.

Check out the benefits we have listed here:


They have no annual fee with their Bank of America Student Credit Card.

This is actually probably the very best thing about this card actually. That being said, you can expect that the next items mentioned will be very few and very close to standard for almost every card in the world. 

They claim that they offer great APR's on purchases made with the Bank of America Student Credit Card.

At least they do offer zero percent APR for the first fifteen months of having your card. That is probably something that took Bank of America a lot of hard thinking before they decided to even add that to the card offering actually.

You can get text message alerts on your Bank of America Student Credit Card account.

This is where they start to seriously get into very standard features that come with pretty much every account that exists in this nation alone.


Everything else with the Bank of America Student Credit Card is very average and very boring as you can most likely guess. However, this card is actually fit for some people who just want something super simple and not looking for any type of rewards. If you are like most people today you are looking for a card that offers so much more than just text message alerts, zero interest APR's and no annual fees. Maybe it’s a sign of the times of maybe it's just time for Bank of America to get a more exciting plan for their card offerings before they lose too many consumers to more attractive deals. If we had to sum up the Bank of America Student Credit Card in just one word, that word would be "BORING". We are looking forward to the day that Bank of American can become more attractive with their offerings like they used to be in days long ago.